The Ceki deck of cards were widely popular among ethnic groups living in Malacca. Widely played by the Baba Nyonya’s and the local Portuguese, it is still played today by their descendants. The Portuguese call this game ‘Patui’.

Each card in the Patui game represent something. In this piece I have chosen 4 character cards to be depicted in the painting below. They represent my multi ethnicity and ancestry through art.

The Malalyu (Malay) and The Tuan/’Ropianu'(white man), merges as one to represent the Portuguese in me,
The Muru (Indian), for my Singhalese heritage.
Cina/ ‘Chee-nea'(Chinese) for my chinese heritage.

Together these four cards sum up what I feel about Malaysia and being Malaysian. She(Malaysia) can be nurturing and kind. She embraces with open arms the co existence of her children, no matter their ethnicity or religious beliefs. For this I am proud to be a Malaysian.


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