Untitiled- (still working at it)


It’s hard to work from imagination because you’re selling something only you can see in your head.
Almost done. About 60%. Still working on the sky … Wanting it to look ‘soft’..’dreamy’
.. So that’ll take a few more days because I like leaving the colours to ‘rest’ a bit before giving it another layer. Meanwhile the bottom half is only just breaking through. Don’t want competition here. Currently sitting under soft lighting rather than harsh white lights. So you get those pinkish yellowish tones jumping out at you. But if ever someone buys this, it should be hanged under those soft lights and this would be the effect.

Started another piece because this needs a day or two before I return to it… Acrylic 48″ x 36″

“Everything you can imagine is real.” ― Pablo Picasso


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