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Kabir Bedi (Indian actor) as Sandokan (television series)

An Italian six-part television series directed by Sergio Sollima, based upon the novels of Emilio Salgari.

About Sandokan
“Malaysia, the second half of the 19th century. The English Queen Victoria owns the domain of the eastern lands of Borneo. The occupying British forces are commanded by Lord James Brooke, oppressive and ruthless governor and father of the beautiful Marianna, nicknamed “the Pearl of Labuan”. The brave Sandokan is a young Indian prince, who has lost his kingdom and title as result of the British annexation. Sandokan is now the captain of a den of pirates, who make constant attacks against British forces.”

Previous to Kabir Bedi, Steve Reeves of Hercules and Hercules Unchained (1958 & 1959) played the role of Sandokan
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The Brooding Lady -acrylic on canvas-(SOLD)


The Brooding Lady
Acrylic on canvas
99cm x 122cm

Artist Statement
“The ‘lady’ in the piece is the building. Very much like the way someone might give their car, house, etc a name, I gave the building character and a sex. of course we don’t think of buildings as living creatures or entities but I do. So then just like everyone and everything around us, it’ll age with time..
She’s ‘Brooding’ because she can’t go anywhere. Her paint will chip away, her facade will lose it’s youthfulness and she’ll slowly fade over time. She’ll be out of fashion soon.
Everyday the Sun will rise and set at the same place on her beautiful facade. .
In this this piece the LADY laments as the hours tick by, the people walk up and down the pavement, oblivious to her frustrations. The days become years.
The sky in this piece reflects her dilemma as she awaits for a new day to begin again….and….again.
The BROODING LADY however has a redeeming promise… THAT’S HOPE. Note the perspective. Dark on one side and light on the other? Life can be wrought with problems at times but all it takes is for you to keep going… turn the corner and things WILL get better. Hence the perspective.
The underlying message behind this piece is HOPE.



Year 2017the-brooding-lady

Morning’s Kiss Acrylic on canvas-(SOLD)


Morning’s Kiss’
Acrylic on canvas
99cm x 122cm

Artist Statement

Morning. A single word that heralds the beginning of new things. The start of something new. REBIRTH. I have often felt that the sky is the most overlooked as we go about out daily routine, more so in the times we live in where every hour of the day right down to the last minute is planned and swept away by a variety of commitments. In this piece the sky holds court and speaks of the promise of a new day. It is beautiful, dreamy, enormous and at times ethereal. The promise of HOPE is in the Sun that breaks through the clouds. Strength is seen in the lonely and quiet path that only YOU know you must walk. The courage is seeing it to the end of that path and finding yourself along the way. The destination has always been there waiting for you.

the underlying message in this piece is HOPE and a chance to begin anew with STRENGTH and COURAGE.



Year 2016-201720170201_105904.jpg