Title: The Path

Medium: Acrylic on canvas 102cm x 76cm

Year 2018

Artist :Lyia Meta

A continual passage to that which we consider our destination, of arriving home. Indeed we each have that journey to make and we walk the path of life that’s often wrought with circumstances beyond our control. Tumultuous at times, there will always be light for every dark and vice versa. So walk we must, spectators at times, side by side with time.

The tumultuous skies speak of our journey as it changes with passing time. The light and dark inhabits the same space as it undulates to the rhythm of life. It gives and it will take.

The surrounding landscape our refuge, we seek ourselves and purpose as we stand on this path. An observer, spectator, traveller and a seeker, we WILL reach our destination.FB_IMG_1519536933260